Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sinful Blueberry Cheese Cake

Stage I

Ingredient A
250gm melted butter
200gm self rising flour
200gm caster sugar
10 egg yolks (Grade A)
6 egg white (Grade A)
1 table spoon ovalete

1. Beat all ingredient except butter until thick and fluffy.
2. Pour melted butter into the mixture and fold it until well combined.
3. Pour half of the mixture into prepared cheese cake pan and bake for 15mins (180c temp)

Stage II

Ingredient B
500gm cheese cream
200gm icing sugar
250ml double cream/nestle cream
100gm melted butter
4 egg yolks
50gm corn flour
500gm blueberry fillings

1. Whisk cheese cream with icing sugar until smooth and creamy. Dont over beat else your cheese cake wont rise well.
2. Add egg yolk one at a time, alternately with double cream and mixed it gently.
3. Add sifted corn flour and combined well.
4. Add melted butter gradually and mixed well.
5. Pour the left mixture of the Stage I and fold it gently until mixed well.
6. Take baked cake(StageI) and spread with half of the blueberry filling.
7. Pour the cheese cream mixture over the filling cake and bake for 160C about 30min then turn the temp to 170C-180C another 30min - 45min or until the cake firm to touched
8. Allow the cheese cake to cool for about an hour.
9. Refrigerate overnight for best result. And served it with blueberry filling.

Note: Bake cheese cake stage II by using double boiler method.

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